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Calendar of Events

Here you can see all the Slut events and add them to your calendar by clicking them.

Please note Bingo times: Balls Drop at 8 p.m. You must be 21+ have a valid and current id or you will not be able to play with us.

Bingos for 2023

Jan-So Many fail     Rocky Mtn Riders   1/13/23

Feb-Heartbreak Hotel                      Great dane             2/10/23

Mar-et tu Mario?                              Autism Colorado     3/10/23

Apr-Slut Safari                                 Wall Sports              4/14/23

May-One Hit Wonders                     Birthday Smiles       5/12/23

Jun-Pride Beach Party                    Man Reach              6/09/23

Jul-Popsicles and Poppers                                              7/14/23

Aug-Xanax Will Do                          Sisters                      8/11/23

Sep-Dulldrums Bingo                      Feel the Beat           9/08/23

Oct-Jason vs the Sluts                                                     10/13/23

Nov-Black Friday Turkey         Mile High Behav. Health  11/10/23

Dec-Alcoholidaze                            White Rose              12/08/23

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