Calendar of Events
Here is the list and dates for our bingos and shows for 2017
Please note Bingo times: Balls Drop at 8 p.m.  You must be 21+ have a valid and current id or you will not be able to play with us. 

Jan 13th 2017 - "Ride Em Bareback Bingo" benefiting White Rose Scholarship- cancelled

Feb 10th 2017 - "Stupid Cupid Bingo" Benefiting Leather Magick 

Mar 10th 2017 - "Drink Like You're Irish Bingo" Benefiting Rottie Aid Rottweiler Rescue

Apr 14th 2017 - "Tuna Taco Bingo" Benefiting Rainbow Alley

May 12th 2017 - "Mayflower Bingo" Benefiting Birthday Smiles

June 2017 - PRIDE FEST!!!
July 14th 2017 - "Beauty Pageant Bingo" Benefiting TAFiCity
Aug 11th 2017 - "Hotter than Hell Bingo" Benefiting Rocky Mtn Great Dane Rescue

Sept 8th 2017 - "Like A Virgo Bingo" Benefiting ManReach

Oct 13th 2017 - "BOO Bingo" Benefiting Birthday Smiles

Nov 10th 2017 - "Turkey Bingo" Benefiting CAP Food Bank

Dec 9th 2017 -  "Alcoholidaze" Benefiting White Rose Scholarship 
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